Sure, the missionary or girl ahead opportunities gets the job accomplished (usually!) however, if you intend to take your sexual life to the next level, you’ve got to switch things up-literally, and here’s some determination!  Unique opportunities might feel somewhat absurd or embarrassing to start with, but we are confident you simply won’t be returning to missionary any time in the future after offering these a try! Thanks to the Kama Sutra and Cosmo, we have located many intercourse opportunities we can not hold off to-break in the bedroom…which ones take the radar?

The Kama Sutra phone calls this place “today and Zen”.  We like it because with all the current body get in touch with, it is both personal and interesting.  I do believe this would be the position for a couple whom should feel connected during sex, but is uninterested in the missionary situation.

This sex position is known as “V for Vixen” and all of I’ve have got to state is we much better get my personal ass to yoga course and manage my mobility! Yikes!

Have a look at “G-Force” position. The Kama Sutra gives this 4 from 5 carnal movie stars, thus I’m gambling its a one…if you can easily learn how to ensure you get your figures into the correct position.  I believe attempting is actually half the enjoyment, though.

“Row their ship” may seem like straightforward variation of woman over the top motion (which simply so is literally my personal favorite) just a little little bit sexier.

The “Arc de Triomph” looks like the essential enthusiastic gender ever-like one thing you would see in a movie. According to the Kama Sutra, this place is a bit of a pain to get involved with, but worth every second you’ll hold it for.  Yep, I Think it!

Images via yahoo and cosmopolitan

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