Our Latest Arrivals

Freestyle Jumpmaster Handcrafted Bundu Black Genuine Leather Calf length Boot.
Freestyle Jocelyn Onspan Olive-Green Handcrafted Genuine Leather Shoe.
Freestyle Sybil Black Handcrafted Genuine Leather sling Handbag.
Freestyle Saddle II Chestnut Handcrafted Genuine Leather Sling Bag
Freestyle Briony Olive Green Genuine leather Sling Bag
Freestyle (Black) Suede Veldskoen (Vellies) /Hunter Unisex Handmade Genuine Leather Shoe.
Freestyle Black Mattheus Nubuck Leather Sandal
Freestyle Mattheus Khaki Nubuck Leather Sandal.
Freestyle Sophie Khaki Nubuck leather sandal
Freestyle Sophie Black Nubuck leather Sandal.
Tsonga Juza Black Genuine Leather Slip on Sandal
Freestyle Unisex Yellow Suede Vellie/Veldskoen/Hunter
John Drake Burgundy Handmade Genuine Leather Shoes
Freestyle Shelley Bundu Black Handcrafted Genuine Leather Shoes. 
Freestyle Jocelyn Full Grain Black handcrafted Genuine Leather Shoes
Freestyle Willow Aviator Camel /Choc Genuine Leather Shoes.
Freestyle Jocelyn Full Grain Red handcrafted Genuine Leather Shoes
Freestyle Briony Kudu Black handcrafted Genuine leather Sling Bag.
Freestyle Briony Crazyhorse Mocca handcrafted Genuine leather Sling Bag.
Freestyle Briony Napier Rosa handcrafted Genuine leather Sling Bag
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Welcome to The Whatnot Shoes

The Whatnot Shoes was born with the distinct vision of bringing stylish, affordable footwear to the South African market.

The Whatnot Shoes is very much a niche business, selling to the more discerning shoe market that requires superior quality leather products.

After years of surveying the market, we now successfully know the requirements of our customers and we have endeavoured to bring to the market the best footwear and leather goods to meet their needs.
We are committed to the development and progress of South African genuine leather products that are locally produced and manufactured providing employment for many.

Situated in Plumstead with one ladies Shoe Store and one Men’s Shoe Store. Genuine leather men’s shoes, genuine leather ladies shoes, handbags, belts, wallets and leather products manufactured and made in South Africa by South Africans.

Our leather products are locally hand crafted in South Africa for quality and comfort. The Whatnot Shoes, aim to provide you with a quality leather footwear range meeting the need for style and extreme comfort. At The Whatnot Shoes, we believe in building South African branded products to boost the South African economy, and enriching the lives of the people of this country, by creating jobs.

We will continue to strive to find new and innovative methods to maintain and improve the quality of our goods and services.

A large selection of our shoes is made of full grain leather, designed for supreme wear ability.
The Whatnot Shoe Stores in Plumstead can accommodate your every footwear need. Be it rough and rugged boots for men, or dainty shoes and sandals for ladies. We also stock a small selection of kiddies genuine leather locally handcrafted shoes.Our range includes some well-known South African brands such as Tsonga, Natural Steps, Freestyle, Quayside and Newport.

We have what you need for every occasion. It’s the place to treat your feet.

On Sale

Tsonga Genuine Leather Tslops. Cayak - Black

R439.00 R299.00

Tsonga Genuine Leather Tslops.

R439.00 R299.00

Tsonga Genuine Leather Tslops.

R439.00 R299.00

Tsonga Genuine Leather Tslops. - White

R439.00 R299.00

Tsonga Genuine Leather Tslops - Delta Black.

R489.00 R399.00

Tsonga Genuine Leather Tslops - Delta Choc.

R489.00 R399.00

Freestyle Donna Napier Skyblue Handmade Genuine leather Sandals

R599.00 R479.00

Freestyle Donna Black Handmade Genuine Leather Sandals

R599.00 R479.00

Freestyle Roma Black Handmade Genuine Leather Sandals.

R669.00 R539.00

Aeroflex Tan Brogue Handcrafted Genuine Leather Shoes.

R839.00 R679.00

Aeroflex Black/Stone Brogue Genuine Leather Shoes.

R839.00 R679.00

Aeroflex Handcrafted Ruby Red Brogue Genuine Leather shoes.

R839.00 R679.00

Aeroflex Black Slip on Genuine leather Shoes.

R799.00 R639.00

Freestyle Angus (Bundu Tan) Unisex Handcrafted Genuine Full Grain Leather Boots

R1,179.00 R949.00

John Drake Handmade Formal lace up Genuine Leather shoes. (Med. brown).

R949.00 R749.00

Freestyle Halle with ribbon or laces Handcrafted Genuine Leather Shoes.

R839.00 R679.00

Natural Steps Health Range handcrafted Genuine Leather Shoes.

R869.00 R695.00

Freestyle Halle Bundu Navy Handcrafted Genuine leather Shoes.

R839.00 R679.00

Freestyle Gabriella Aviator Denim Handmade Genuine Leather sandal.

R559.00 R449.00

Freestyle Cindy Aniline Ruby Red with peep toe Handmade Genuine Leather Shoes.

R789.00 R639.00

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Our leather goods are proudly South African